TouchBase™ Collectible VC Trading Cards Pack (5 Cards)

This collection of cards spans years of Silicon Valley's venture capital history.Each pack comes with an assortment of five cards of varying rarity levels. Look for Late-Stage Investors, Angel Investors, Seed Investors, and Advisors.Some VCs you might collect are: Mary Meeker, Paul Graham, Marc Andreesen, Bill Gurley, and more. Learn about their investments and number of exits. You never know who you'll get!Comes in a limited edition foil wrapper with Toploader sleeves and a stick of gum.We are sold out of packs. Please contact collectors.

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Private viewings of our collection can be booked in San Francisco with limited availability.

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Our private collection is located near Market St. and 14th. We're open by appointment only, M-F between 9am-5pm.Have questions about VC Trading Cards? Send us a message.

Who We Are is the leading online seller of TouchBase investor trading cards.We carry vintage and rare cards from the 1994 Sand Hill Road Series, the 2010 Gig Economy Series, the 1992 Private Equity Series, the 2015 Unicorn Series, and more.Some of our rarest VC cards include Don Valentine (Sequoia, investor in Atari), Mike Markkula (Angel, investor in Apple), and Jenny Lee (GGV, investor in AliBaba). You never know which cards you'll get in your packs.Many of the VCs featured have had multiple exits, but are on their way to more. This makes their cards highly collectible.

Our Portfolio

TouchBase is part of a suite of bootstrapped and seed stage companies in the B2C and B2B space. We build playful and practical products that connect humans in unexpected ways. If any of our companies strikes a chord, we'd love to talk. We are seeking investors and advisors. Email [email protected].

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